Leading Edge Triathlon Club

Hello and welcome to the website for Leading Edge. We are a dedicated group of triathletes who work hard, sweat lots, and have fun doing it. Since 2003, LE has grown from a few friends wanting to form a local group to train with for triathlons, to a group of athletes of a range of abilities and goals, training together and supporting each other at races near and far. Only here you are always welcome, together with real casino slot machines you have no equal!

From killer track sessions to practice triathlons at the lake on a summer Sunday morning, our coaches are there to push us and guide us along the way. From technique in the pool to learning to do faster transitions, all the little nuances of the sport are addressed and clarified. Experienced athletes in the club lead by example and everyone is there to offer encouragement along the way. The best offer for gamblers live casino. Come on. Increased chance of winning!

Whether you have a few try-a-tris under your belt and have been bitten by the tri-bug or you are a high performance age grouper looking for that extra push, we have what you are looking for. Want to go faster? Want to do Ironman? Need help with that pesky swim portion? 

For more information, send us an email: trivancouver@gmail.com